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Before you buy, better try Houstix

Houstix Origins  


The year was 2004.

The place...Minute Maid Park.  

Bottom of the 9th, Game 5 of the NLCS and Houston and St. Louis were tied at 0.

Me and 41,000 other sweaty palmed Minute Maid fans collectively clutched rally caps, rabbit's feet, four-leaf clovers and anything else we thought might bring Jeff Kent some "good juju" at the plate.

At some point during Kent's at-bat I remember turning to the stranger next to me and saying:

"we just need a base hit..."  


It's like I spoke IT into existence. 

Not just a base hit, but a towering walk-off home run to the Crawford Boxes. 

It was an unbelievable play. Not as unbelievable as a Micheal Bay movie although there were just as many fireworks and explosions going off in the background.

The crowd was raucous too. As the ball climbed so did the crowd noise!

If you're an Astros fan you remember...

If you're a Cardinals fan let me pour salt in that wound.    

As you can see in the video, this was fist pumping, chest bumping good time for everyone involved. 

This moment will forever be etched into my brain, although there was one problem...

I witnessed it from the OUTSIDE of Minute Maid Park!

My view from outside Minute Maid Park

 My view from outside 

Yes, I watched the that play and most of the game from behind this glass.  

See during this period of my life I couldn't afford a tank of gas, let alone Astros playoff tickets.

Even if I means for the cheapest ticket, I wouldn't have where to purchase it.

Watching all that unfold brought great joy, but I didn't want to watch games from Crawford Street anymore. Hell, I was better than that. I deserved more!  

Fast forward to today... 

Hi! My name is Nick Bryant and I love going to sports and concert events.

Since that Jeff Kent home run I've spent the past 10 years dedicating my weekends, lunch breaks and life to mastering the art of finding low priced sports and concert tickets.

Me at Marlins Park. 

During this timeframe, I've snagged everything from World Series tickets, NBA Finals, Mayweather vs Canelo, Taylor Swift, Drake and many more ticket stubs at the lowest prices available. 

Whether it's presale passwords, money saving promo codes or sweat equity I've found ways to save $1000s of dollars on sports and concert tickets.

I've helped friends like BFF Dave save on tickets too. I've also helped family members like Cousin Jason pocket more money. Now I want help fans just like you save as well.

Cousin Jason, Me and Skull Guy

About Houstix


This ticket-hunting compulsion I've been describing eventually lead to the creation of this site. Houston-based, Houstix is a secondary market ticketing site.


Yes we've got an unwavering loyalty to this city although Houston locals aren't the only fans we serve. Competitively priced tickets to nationwide events are also available. Lakers, Cowboys, Boston Red Sox, Broadway plays are all right here at Houstix.   


There are plenty of other places you can go for tickets, but here's what separates us from everyone else: 


Straight talk.  Texans are known for honesty and that's exactly what we serve up to customers. If there is a better deal for Texans tickets somewhere else I'll let you know. I'd prefer to save on tickets and I'm certain you feel the same way.




Houstix offers money saving promo codes delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. Other secondary sites, toss you a promo code every leap year. Not us though. Every Monday morning you'll receive a money saving promo code delivered to your email. 


In addition, your order is always protected by a 100% money back guarantee. If your event is canceled with no makeup date scheduled you'll receive every red cent you spent.


The bottom line?


I'm a fan just like you.


I'm excited by buzzer beaters and encores at concerts. At the opposite end of the spectrum, traffic after the show and sticker shock at the checkout page frustrates me to no end. By the way, you'll never see more than a $15 markup at our checkout.


I understand most aspects of your sports/concert going experiences because I too have waited in those long restroom lines at NRG Stadium. I've inched my way to the front of the stage at Houston House of Blues. I've paid way too much for Lauryn Hill tickets. 

One of the worst things you can do to a person is waste their time. This is the principle I operate on. I'm not here to waste your time or money.   


If you've got a reliable source for sports and concert tickets great! Stick with it. But if you haven't pledged allegiance to any other ticketing sites, I invite you to join my growing list of subscribers on the free Houstix Insider newsletter.

I carefully package cringe-worthy dad jokes, ticketing tips and money saving promo codes inside every issue of the Houstix Insider. If you want in on the fun, simply enter your best email below. Issues are delivered to your inbox every Monday morning, so you can read it in your PJs!

Still with me?

Good! If you made it this far I sincerely thank you for your interest in Houstix. If you have questions about tickets or anything else email me at Nick@Houstix.com, I'm happy to help. Hope to hear from you soon!  



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