Before you buy, better try Houstix

Purchasing tix without the Houstix Insider is like setting your paycheck on fire.  

Is this what you want?  

Now that you've come to your senses and put the cigar down lets talk about the savings you've been missing out on.

The Houstix Insider is a free newsletter that delivers promo codes to subscriber's inbox every Monday morning. These promo codes when entered at checkout help subscribers to save money on every purchase. We're talking money to go toward ballpark parking, peanuts or maybe an enlarged foam finger to get you on the jumbotron.  

Other sites offer promo codes that expire after one use, but not Houstix. Our promo codes have unlimited use.

If you need Adele tix for the wife AND Texans tix for your dad, BAM! your code works for both. As a Houstix Insider you'll have a promo code ready at all times for use on ANY event ANY time you want.

In addition to promo codes subscribers also receive cutting edge tickeing tips like this one; show a Mazda Key at Minute Maid Park for free access into the Honda Club Level. Even if you have nose bleed tix.

We'll also provide concert alerts to remind you of the upcoming events for the week so that Kanye concert doesn't creep up on you again.

Simply put if you're making ticket purchases without promo codes you're burning your hard earned money and theres no need for that.

The next time you visit a checkout page take satisfaction in knowing you're saving like a BOSS while others are staring at that promo code box wishing they had an answer.

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